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London Office details coming soon.

T: 01764 910410
E: info@msa–


159 Dunkeld Road, Perth Perthshire, Scotland, PH1 5AU

T:01738 445983
E: info@msa–


23 Bank Street, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland, PH15 2BB

T: 01887 829228
E: info@msa–

Architecture above and beyond 

Producing Superior Design & Quality


We are committed to delivering high performance and sustainable buildings. Our teams create designs that contribute to human well-being and enhance the health of our planet, while also meeting immediate client needs.


We think globally and act locally

We believe buildings should be timeless, sensible and inspiring to both their inhabitants and surrounding communities; this is why we strive to understand the local cultures, construction methods and aesthetics in all the areas that we work.

The experience we gain in one part of the world can shape work we do across the globe. The integrated process allows us to bring the best of international practice to projects around the world.

Property design Scotland

“We listen to the needs of our client and walk their ground with them. Then we fuse together their aspirations with local traditional vitality and 21st century ideas to create a beautiful building. Our buildings should enhance both the localities landscape and our client’s inscape.”

–  Eric Strickland, Principal –

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