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Please contact McKenzie Strickland Architects for more information or to discuss a specific project.



London Office details coming soon.

T: 01764 910410
E: info@msa–


159 Dunkeld Road, Perth Perthshire, Scotland, PH1 5AU

T:01738 445983
E: info@msa–


23 Bank Street, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland, PH15 2BB

T: 01887 829228
E: info@msa–

The architect’s role in a newbuild development

The architect’s role in a newbuild development is one that is absolutely crucial and, if you have the right one in place, he or she can have a profound impact on the process. Here’s why: Typical architects will have undergone…


Why use an architect?

Why use an architect? If you’re looking to undertake a building project whether newbuild or renovation you might be asking yourself, why use an architect? Well, it’s rather lucky you ask that question because we have LOTS of answers to…

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