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Why use an architect?

If you’re looking to undertake a building project, be it a new build or renovation, you may be considering whether to use an architect. From helping with planning permissions to sourcing top builders, architects can offer invaluable insights and expertise.

In this blog we explain why it can help to enlist the expertise of an experienced architect.

So, why should a homeowner or a developer use an architect?

An enhanced experience 

For many of us, our home is our most valuable asset – placing it in the hands of a credible, qualified architect offers reassurance during what can be a demanding process.

Effective architectural planning streamlines the building process, reducing risks and making it a much smoother, less stressful experience for all involved.

One of the ways an architect does this is by spotting potential problems in a project before they become catastrophes. With their keen eye and expertise, architects can revise design proposals, highlighting possible issues and offering appropriate solutions.


It is this quality that enables professional architects to avoid costly errors in the long run.

With the right architectural planning, know-how and experience, an architect has the potential to save you from expensive mistakes or haphazard jobs. They know where to cut costs without compromising on the integrity of the build, an invaluable quality for any job!

Moreover, architects can usually connect you with reliable, competent builders who will do the job well and on time, preventing future expenses or delays.

A creative edge  

When starting a new development, you may have an idea of how you want the space to look and feel – but are unable to express this effectively. This is where an architect can come in, bringing your ideas to life and creating a design that best reflects your vision.

Not only this, but architects can also develop and enhance your ideas and even suggest alternative ways of looking at the space. It may be the case that there are problems with the proposed design, or the budget will not allow for certain features. An architect will identify ways to overcome these issues, be it through lighting or structural components, bringing a fresh perspective and creative insight into any project.

A sounding board

Questions will inevitably arise throughout the course of a build. A good architect will be able to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Not sure which material to use for one component? Stumbled across an obstacle in the building? Need advice on accessibility? Limited by budgeting constraints? An architect seeks to address these issues head-on with minimal disruption to the project.

After reading this, you should be clear on why you need to use an architect for your next project. Whether you commission them for all or some of the build, architects can add immense value to your next renovation, development, extension or conversion.

Need a professional, award-winning architect in Scotland? Get in touch with MSA Architects here!

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